How do I install a Swim Tether on a wood deck?

Here are some steps to install a Swim Tether product:

1. Locate the area on your deck that may be best suited for your Swim Tether System. We recommend a distance from the waters edge of 6-12".
- If the edge of the pool is higher than the plate install location please leave room for the pole to flex. You should be fine 12" away from and up to 1.5' below the pool edge.
- It is recommended that the swimmer is able to stand in the area where the belt will be put on.

2. Identify where the structural crossmembers of the deck are located.  Look underneath to insure you have at least 1 inch of clearance all the way around the outside of the hole you will be drilling to allow enough room for the nut to be fastened. 
3. Identify the thickness of your decking. The threaded deck installation plate can be installed on decking less than 2" thick. Note: the nominal measurement of a standard 2X6 is 1.5 X 5.5.

    4. Measure and Mark location. 
    5. Drill 1-1/8" hole, and mount the plate inside the hole. 
    6. From the underside, thread the plastic nut onto the plate and tighten. Tool size is a 1-5/8 deep well socket. Optionally a pair channel lock pliers would also work for this application.