Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether Original
Swim Tether Original

Swim Tether Original


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The Original Swim Tether is designed to provide a unique resistance workout for swimmers of all skill levels. Quickly install and assemble to swim in most swim spas and swimming pools. A minimum of 14 feet of swim space is recommended. Using optimal lift and an elevated connection point allows the swimmer to be unencumbered by cords or restrictive ankle attachments.

Belt size is adjustable from 24" to 60".

Overall height 65-3/4"

Height installed in plate 63-1/4"

Features: Low impact, high resistance. Portable and packable. High quality construction. Comfortable and adjustable. Easy installation. Great for all ages and skills. 

  • 3-section high-strength FlexRod pole
  • Adjustable neoprene and nylon ComfortFit belt
  • Choose a dynamic stretch UV and chemical resistant cord
  • Choose an install plate style
  • Aluminum carabiner
  • Nylon carry bag

Installation info can be found here INSTALLATION

Recommendation on Cord Length: Various factors help determine the correct cord length. Pool features such as ledges and steps in addition to the swimmer's height/reach determine the swimming area. 

  • 8ft Cord is recommended for pools greater than 16ft.
  • 4.5ft Cord is recommended for most Swim Spas.
  • 6ft Cord is recommended for Swim Tether Original in larger swim spas and pools in the 12-14 ft range.  


Cord Length
Install Plate
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • Endless swimming in small spaces

The entire process is easily doable in less than 15 minutes. If you'd
rather follow along to a video, skip ahead to the video below or click
here: Swim Tether Installation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
David Coff
No trouble

This is a new idea for me. I thought getting the most expensive one would reduce potential problems. So far, that’s been the case. Almost no trouble getting used to it. Having the tether hold me from above means no leg entanglement.

Altar ISIK
Great Tool for exercise


Mary Snyder
This thing is everything they say

Super easy to swim continuously. Everything top quality. Great Customer service. Thank you!!!!

David Bjork
Got me back in the water...

I love the swim tether. Now I can swim in my own pool instead of trying to swim laps in the neighborhood pool. The swim tether works great, allows for great swimming technique and a condensed workout because of the stationary swimming.