Powerbreather Adventure Edition
Powerbreather Adventure Edition
Powerbreather Adventure Edition
Powerbreather Adventure Edition

Powerbreather Adventure Edition


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Unleash the Power of Endless Swimming

What Makes the Powerbreather More Advanced

The Powerbreather Adventurer is about snorkeling for hours on the reef without CO2 fatigue, safely.

The Powerbreather has revolutionized swimming / snorkeling with the symmetric snorkel that brings in fresh from both the top tubes, and exhales your CO2 from the bottom. There is NO mixed CO2 air as with a traditional snorkel or face mask snorkels.

Unlike a full face mask, with a Powerbreather you can easily dive deep, equalize your nose, and breathe safely with 100% fresh air, no gurgling, and no purging.

Top valves on the tube only open briefly for an inhale, otherwise staying closed and keeping water out. You can literally hold your breath, dive deep, come up and inhale, with no water entering the snorkel. You can swim in choppy, wave like conditions without ever turning your head to breathe.

Saliva or any water that may have entered during a breath just drains out the bottom, no purging of water necessary. Just dry, fresh air, with every breath. With a Powerbreather, you can swim for further and easier than you ever have before. Safely, with fresh, dry air with just relaxed breathing.

Recreational swimmers, triathletes, para athletes, endless pools, general snorkeling, all benefit from the Powerbreather. (Note: Not for SCUBA) Can be worn with swim goggles or diving masks.

A traditional front snorkel obscures your view, wobbles on flip turns, and, as with traditional side snorkels, has mixed air with CO2 which is not healthy, effects oxygen to your bloodstream, effects endurance, and can cause headaches.

A Powerbreather gives a clear view, won't wobble, fits all heads, and only brings in fresh air. You can swim or snorkel long distances for any amount of time, with never having to turn your head, breathing fresh air.

We believe in making swimming fun and easier for thousands of people around the world.

Yes, the top triathletes in the world have discovered Powerbreather and pushed their limits of distance, technique and strength building, but it's so much more than that. It's about a recreational swimmer finding the love of swimming as one the healthiest exercises on the planet. It's about snorkeling for hours on the reef without CO2 fatigue, safely.

That's the Powerbreather. There are no limits.

The Powerbreather Beach model is ideal for any swimmer NOT doing flip turns, in which case you want the Lap or Wave models. (Flip caps sold separately if desired later on)

Breathing issues: Some reviews have mentioned it difficult to breathe. Improved on in Spring of 2017 is the now standard Easy Vents making it easier to breathe. Medium (previous version) and Power vents sold separately for those who desire more breather resistance and hypoxic training. If your speed vents do not say 'Easy' on them, reach out to Powerbreather USA.

Unleash the Power of Endless Swimming

Swim Like a Shark, Breath Like a Runner.

The entire process is easily doable in less than 15 minutes. If you'd
rather follow along to a video, skip ahead to the video below or click
here: Swim Tether Installation

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