ST1 Tether System


The ST1 Swim Tether is short and stout. Perfect for swim spas, small pools, water aerobics, and physical therapy sessions or in height restricted applications.

Experience low-impact and high resistance in the same great workout! Using the highest quality materials, we build all of our tether systems here in the US to provide a reliable, safe and enjoyable experience for years when used properly and well-maintained.

Our ComfortFit belt is easily adjustable from 24-60 inches and is the most comfortable on the market, according to years of customer feedback.

Every Tether system includes...

ST1 FlexRod
Adjustable ComfortFit belt
Stretch Cord & Carabiner
Carry bag

Why isn't the install base plate included?

We offer the install base plates as an add-on since most swim spa manufacturers have chosen to include them during production.

You can select a plate when building your kit below. Swim Tether installation base plates are available in Standard for concrete or Threaded for wood and composite.


Refer to our Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions on getting set up in less than 30 minutes!

Pro Tips

Cord Length
The appropriate cord length for the ST1 Swim Tether is determined by various factors such as pool features and the swimmer's height and reach. Additional factors may include ledges, steps, the overall size of the swimming area or whether you choose to install further away from the pool edge.

  • 4.5 ft cord for most swim spas
  • 6 ft cord for use in swim spas and pools in the 12-14ft range
  • 8 ft cord for pools greater than 14ft

For optimal comfort, place the belt on the front of your hip bones with roughly 2 inches of slack between the small of your back and the adjustable slider.

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ST1 Tether System
ST1 Tether System
ST1 Tether System
ST1 Tether System
ST1 Tether System
ST1 Tether System
ST1 Tether System

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Graham McLachlan (Manchester, ENG)
Swim Tether Wellis

Using the swim tether for a few weeks now and it really does allow you to swim for longer without stopping… great priduct

Swimming for life (Rocklin, CA)
Excellent customer service

Reponded quickly to my inquiries. Product arrived as described.

Myranda Hughes-Piche (Indianapolis, IN)
Excellent Service and Support

Quick delivery. I realized after it arrived it would not fit our swim spa. They quickly sent me a new pole and a return label for the incorrect pole.

Anonymous (Spring Valley, CA)
Great Service

I had received the wrong tether pole for my swimspa the owner was kind enough to quickly accommodate me with the correct item and shipped it out immediately with no questions asked.

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