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The ST3 Swim Tether combines UV coated pultruded fiber poles, precision-machined and anodized connection points, and a super comfortable belt to create a durable and dependable tether system for swimming.

Due to it's height, Swim Tether 3 offers superior lift to counterbalance the drag and sink inherently found in stationary swimming. No matter age or skill, you'll be hooked!

Experience low-impact and high resistance in the same great workout! Using the highest quality materials, we build all of our tether systems here in the US to provide a reliable, safe and enjoyable experience for years when used properly and well-maintained.

Installs in less than 30 minutes and at a tiny fraction of the cost for expensive swim jet systems.

Every Tether system includes...

ST3 FlexRods
Adjustable ComfortFit belt
Stretch Cord & Carabiner
Carry bag

Why isn't the install base plate included?

We offer the install base plates as an add-on since most swim spa manufacturers have chosen to include them during production.

You can select a plate when building your kit below. Swim Tether installation base plates are available in Standard for concrete or Threaded for wood and composite.


Refer to our Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions on getting set up in less than 30 minutes!

Cord Length

The appropriate cord length for the ST3 Swim Tether is determined by various factors such as pool features and the swimmer's height and reach. Additional factors may include ledges, steps, the overall size of the swimming area or whether you choose to install further away from the pool edge.

  • 4.5 ft cord for most swim spas
  • 6 ft cord for use in swim spas and pools in the 12-14ft range
  • 8 ft cord for pools greater than 14ft


For optimal comfort, place the belt on the front of your hip bones with roughly 2 inches of slack between the small of your back and the adjustable slider.

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30-Day Easy Return or Replacement
  • Responsive Pre & Post Sales Support

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ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System
ST3 Tether System

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bill Bearman (Regina Beach, SK)
System Works Great!

This year we installed an 8' x 20' "container" pool - for those who don't know this is a SeaCan shipping container converted into a pool. Our pool has a max depth of 4' with a 10' length and a couple of shallower shelves at one end for the grandkids and sitting/lounging. We also have a 44" high railing that surrounds the container. I submitted a drawing of our setup to Swim Tether and Thomas was very helpful instructing where to mount our 6" x 6" post for the anchoring system. At his direction I installed the post 18" from the railing (at the edge of the pool) and at the height of the pool deck on our 4' deep section. The system works great and the pole while it does bend does not contact our railing which I wanted to avoid. We ordered the ST3 system as weren't sure which of the bungee lengths we would need. While the 4' cord works I found the 6' cord was perfect for front crawl, back crawl and back stroke. The 8' cord is too long for front crawl (I started contacting our shallower section) but does work for breast and back stroke. I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly I adapted to the system and the strokes feel very natural. As you're not moving through the water there is more resistance as you swim however this is just a matter of scaling your workout accordingly. I'm really excited about this system as it will now allow us to get in meaningful swim workouts in our small pool. I'd highly recommend this system for anyone interested in swim fitness in a smaller pool!

Scott Fishman (Sacramento, CA)

Love the swim tether- well designed, crafted, easy install, works perfect

Anja Gilmour (La Quinta, CA)

Love this!

David Bateman (Bristol, TN)
Great product

We just bought a swim spa and realized a tether is a must have. This was easy to assemble and use. Highly recommended !