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How to Install the Swim Tether Base Plate in a Concrete Pool Deck

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Estimated time: <30 minutes

Swim Tether Base Plate installation in an existing concrete pool deck is straightforward and can usually be done in under 30 minutes.

STEP 1: Gather Tools Required

Swim Tether Base Plate
Hammer drill. Corded recommended.
1-1/8” masonry drill bit. A 1” bit will work if you wallow out the hole.
Hydraulic cement or a quality construction adhesive
Tape measure
Marking tape

STEP 2: Measure and Mark

Determine the best location for the install and mark. The optimal distance from the water’s edge is 6-8”. However, any distance is acceptable as long as it’s compensated by using a longer stretch cord. Custom length cords can be found on our website. It is highly recommended to install in the shallow end.

STEP 3: Drill and Clean

Mark the drill bit with a piece of tape to indicate a drilling depth of 3”. Start slowly with the drill perpendicular to the drilling surface and continue until the hole depth reaches your 3” mark. It’s important for the hole to be drilled properly so the Swim Tether Base Plate sits flush against the concrete surface when installed. Clean out the hole of any dust and debris.

STEP 4: Check the Fit

Insert the base plate to check for fit and make any adjustments. If necessary, wallow out or drill the hole deeper until the Swim Tether Base Plate can be placed inside the hole easily and is flush with the concrete surface. You don’t want too tight a fit, leave room for adhesive.

STEP 5: Set the Swim Tether Base Plate

Apply a good amount of hydraulic cement or construction adhesive inside the hole and around the Swim Tether Base Plate stem. Press firmly and evenly into the hole while wiping away any excess adhesive. Make sure the Swim Tether logo is aligned the way you want.


For installation help please message us through our website.

Download a PDF of Swim Tether Base Plate Installation

Installation Video

Updated on 23 Apr 2024