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Excellent for training !!!

Very good product to push it's physical limit. I recommend this product to everyone who is looking to improve cardio and practice swimming strokes.

Is a wonderful product, we

Is a wonderful product, we all use it

Swim Belt
Linda I.
I love my swim tether!

I love my swim tether!

Is exactly as expected,

works well and has good resistance, I mean it is quiet strong to swim against, so for swimmers is really good work out!

Works just as we had hoped!

Decided to place a PVC pipe in the ground outside of our pool deck and fill it with cement. Placed the cap into the cement with the additional plug. Works perfectly and we didn't have to drill into our pool deck!

Swim Tether Mini
Jeffrey I.
It’s awesome

This is my second purchase with you all, and I’m very happy. It has made all the work I have to do to maintain our pool worthwhile. I love being able to swim every morning and getting the exercise I need.

Excellent product

Very happy with my sw tether travel pack. Easy to use and the best swim workout ever.

Pull Buoy
Jonathan D.
Love it

Love it

Swim tether

is great help at swim spa. Now I'm able to swim in our (4,5 meters) Spa without the Countercurrent system. We ordered the Cord-Sortiment, delivery was very quick, quality perfect, but we didn't use it up to now.

Well made

Well made product, easy to install, works as intended. Would be good for base package to have different sizes/ degrees of resistance for different level swimmers.

Very good customer service

It's not installed yet, but I received it very fast and customer service was very helpfull before buying it!

Love the way it works.

Love the way it works. The metal is not staying in the concrete. Need to find an adhesive that works. I noticed that the other swim type tether company send grout package with it. What do you all recommend?

Works perfect! Now I get

Works perfect! Now I get more use out of my pool.

Purchased the SwimTether Original and

Purchased the SwimTether Original and the installation plate this spring 2021. Received the UPS delivery ahead of schedule and was provided by Tom and his team numerous instruction videos for installation and use. I had a few additional questions which were always promptly answered and followed up with by Tom and his team. As a trained speed swimmer I use the SwimTether in my pool everyday for 15 minutes or 1km and it has been absolutely perfect. I highly recommend this item (the structural quality is solid!) and with the thorough support of the SwimTether team no need to think twice.

Easy installation videos provided by

Easy installation videos provided by the SwimTether team. Solid design and extremely reliable.

Swim Tether Travel Pack
Michael Magana
Love it!

Works as advertised. Once you get it dialed in, as far as tether length goes, you'll be all set to swim to your hearts content.

Swim Tether Original
Better than Expected

I was very surprised, by the quality and the utility of this device. I had a certain preconceive notion of what to expect from the various adds and YouTube videos and leave it at that. Yet, from the first time I held it in my hands my excitement was growing. I couldn't to get in the pool with the swim tether. I was NOT disappointed, in fact this has been one of my favorite purchase this year and I plan to buy another one as a gift for my aging Mother so she can exercise in her small pool. Great product.

Fantastic Addition for my Cardiovascular Training

With my wife and oldest son being former competitive swimmers I decided I needed to learn about proper swimming mechanics. The portable Swim Tether feels fantastic while training and is soooooo easy to attach to practically anything that has enough mass to remain in place while you train. If you have access to a small body of water just buy this product and you'll be able to swim for hours or if you're like me, two minutes and then your whole body will start to cramp...still gotta build up that endurance. Awesome product that has motivated me to save up to buy the full version in a few weeks.

Great swim training tool!

Just used our swim tether for the first time today. Easy to set up and worked just as described. I tried every stroke and the standard length bungee worked fine. Even swimming butterfly I had plenty of room to move. Much tougher workout than I anticipated.

The best water workout ever!

The best water workout ever!

Just what was needed!

The jet on my swim spa, has so much turbulence that when I swim free style I inhale water while trying to breathe. I bought the tether and then I don't need the jet on to swim. The only negative is I bought too short a line so I kick the steps.

Great quality

Great quality

Swim Tether Mini
Vladimir M
Very good

Very good

Very impressed with our swimtether,

Very impressed with our swimtether, when it came with our spa I was a bit skeptical but after using it I am glad we have it!

3 part pole only

Durable products, easy to work with people, and quick service.