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Great for all ages

We have a Tidal Fit EP14 (14' long swim spa) with a SwimTether holder already installed so we just bought the pole and cord variety pack. We use the 4' cord. Everyone in my family has used it and it's been great. It fits the holder perfectly, the waist band is adjustable, fits everyone, and was comfy. The way it lifts you makes it easy to swim and concentrate on your strokes. Would definitely recommend!

Fantastic and really appreciated your service and help. Five Star

Custom Length Cord
Stephen Cook
Swim tether mini and shorter tethers

Great advice and service . The products work well

Swim Belt
Barb B.
Great product

I looked at a lot of swim bands and belts before making this purchase. These seemed to stand out for their quality, and when my order arrived I was not disappointed. Highly recommend.

Swim Tether Mini
Duane Hutchinson
Works well!

Solid build. Well thought out design. If it lasts well in the bromine and bright sun of our pool/spa it will be a good value.

Broke after 1 year, rare use

We bought this with our swim spa and after probably 20 uses it broke where the clip attaches to the belt. Not an expensive part so I understand but thought it would’ve taken more use

Swim Spa Addition

A great addition to my swim spa for a relaxed swim.

Custom Length Cord
Linda Israel
Custom cords

Custom cords are great for arm workouts.

Great product

Great sturdy rubber band, I used another brand and it didn’t last long. This one seems stronger. Planning on ordering more for back up. I swim 5 days a week for an hour.

Swim tether belt and cords

Excellent customer service. Excellent product.

3-Part Pole Only
Neal Berman
Swim Spa Addition

Perfect addition for my swim spa when I want a more relaxing swim over the swim jets.

Swim Belt
Jeff Marquardt
Swim any stroke as if no belt

Comfortable. Allows for swimming any stroke

3-Part Pole Only
Brian Bloom
Great product and company

Durable and dependable products and support. You can’t go wrong here!

Perfect replacement

One of my rowing cords broke, so I ordered a replacement set. Until I got the new set, I had not realized that the old cords had lost a lot of their resistance over time (4 years), The new cords give a much better workout, so I will now be replacing the cords every two years.

Great tool to train in a small pool!

I recommend Swim Tether to my friends who want to train in their pool. Well designed, comfortable, portable and very useful!

Works great

Swim Belt
Frank W.
Loving it !!! Highly recommend...

I've been using the Swim Tether for a little over a year outdoors during the May
through September season and indoors the rest of the year. Our community pools are quite short, but it doesn't matter because I have this great product
that converts them to endless pools. Absolutely loving it ! My sincere thanks
to Swim Tether and their wonderful customer service folks.

3 pack for work outs - works out!

Was looking for a way to get a swim work out in our 15’x30’ pool. Had sleeves in place for umbrellas.
This pack allows for multiple options for workouts.
Allows for a real swim feel and for multiple types of strokes.

Great Tool for exercise


1-Piece Pole Only
Ciara Macleod
Love this for my younger swimmers

This is a fabulous piece of kit for my learners and find it really useful. It’s great for us!! Love this and the belts are so comfortable!

This thing is everything they say

Super easy to swim continuously. Everything top quality. Great Customer service. Thank you!!!!

Swim Tether Mini
David V Gutierrez
Pleased In SA

My wife and I are both using the Swim Tether Mini and are very pleased with the base attachment they supplied that is specific to the Arctic Spa Swim Pool. Thanks also for a nicely attentive customer service representative.

Swim Tether Travel Pack
Barbara Dawson
Good value!

Works great

Longer custom cord perfect

In our pool the 6ft cord just wasnt long enough, so purchased the 11 ft cord which allows me to swim 2/3 of the way down the pool.

Custom Length Cord
Earl Peterson
Special length cord.

My exercise spa came with a tether for rowing that was to short. I ordered a 36 inch tether which was too long. Swim Tether placed it with a 30 inch tether which was just right at no additional charge. Thanks.