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Swim Tether

Easy ordering process. Excellent, personalized customer service. Haven't used the product yet, as the pool is still being built, but I look forward to.

Swim | Swim Tether ST1
Swimming for life
Excellent customer service

Reponded quickly to my inquiries. Product arrived as described.

Great product with even better customer service!

You guys rock! I’ve been using my Swim Tether religiously now for almost 2 years now. While we had some issues with the middle pole breaking in the first versions, the lastest version is vastly improved providing just enough flexibility between the bungee cord and the pole. Customer service is first rate in that they quickly replaced the original pole that I broke twice with the latest version. The original bungee cord is still intact but I bought a replacement as a backup for the jus in case. The swim tether allows me to do solid work outs in my own pool. As a former collegiate swimmer I highly recommend this product as a solid purchase for the beginner through the advanced swimmer.

Rowing Handle Straps

Delivered on time and fit as described.

Simply the BEST!

I started using during the Pandemic in my backyard pool and it was a total game changer. Not only is it easy to install but the actual swims in my experience are more challenging and conditioning than my usual lap swimming routine. The quality is superb and the overall experience is just the best. I love this product so much.

Not Sure?

I have an HDX trainer 12. And I feel like the tethers I bought are too long? Do you have a recommendation for the trainer 12? Seems to 15 challenger is the most important and most talked about Spa on the market. If I need to buy shorter ones, I would like to cause I want a better work out with my row bars. If you can help me, please let me know. Thank you very much. I have 30 inch tethers. That I just purchased? I seem too long.

So happy!

First, let me say that I had problems with my previously installed anchor. I called Brent and he was wonderful. I sent pictures and he sent one that would fit without me drilling out right away for me. Fantastic customer service!

As a pretty decent age-group swimmer (a long time ago…lol), I was swimming into the wall with my swim spa jets. I wanted to swim, but not at the icky gym pool. The Swim Tether was a perfect solution.

The Swim Tether and poles are of very nice quality. Once the new anchor was in, it took just a few minutes to set it up for my workout. Plan on time to play with finding the right length tubing and where the belt fits best. You will be happy that you did because it is so worth it!

I just swam with the tether for the second time and really found my rhythm. It was incredible! I am really looking forward to using it tomorrow. I would highly recommend buying the Swim Tether.

Swim Tether

I just installed a small pool, which isn't big enough to swim laps, so I bought the Swim Tether. I have used it for two weeks and it has worked as promised. It is easy to setup and doesn't interfere with my swim stroke, so highly recommend this product.

Fun to Use

This is our second swim tether. We love it for our 8 x 14 swim spa. It is comfortable to use and long lasting. The first one lasted about 1 1/2 years. One of the buckles broke but not surprising since it was outdoors year round in Wisconsin with no protection. We use it several times a week.

Swim Tether

I really enjoy my Swim Tether. I use it in our regular size pool with the 6' band.
The reviews that point out to take it slow and give it several tries before making an opinion are spot on.
I highly recommend!

Excellent service

I needed a cord for my swimming belt, I gave them the information they asked for & had my new cords within the week! Thank you!

Best tether out there

The swim tether is incredible. Two minute assembly, Super strong and secure highly recommend.

Customer service is top-notch

Swim Tether folks have been so responsive to my questions and immediately resolved an issue I had with my tether pole. I love using it and knowing that they have been there to help is special! Small company treatment and very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks!!

Swim | Swim Tether ST3
Sara Mickiewicz
The best swim tether

Is working as described.
Using an umbrella sleeve, which works great with the umbrella sleeve attachment.

For everyone

This was everything I needed it to be and more, this would fit xsmall-5x no problem, and is comfortable too!

ST1A | Swim Tether 1 Pole
Myranda Hughes-Piche
Excellent Service

I ordered the wrong size pole for our tether. The company quickly responded, sent me the correct pole, and provided a return shipping label for the incorrect one. Very impressed! Loving our tether and swim spa!!

Swim Tether

Sturdy- Strongly Built- Robust!!!!! The swim tether is working wonderfully!!!!! This product surpassed our expectations. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Comfy & size inclusize

Everything I was looking for and more!

Cord | Single Cord Lengths

Swim | Swim Tether ST1
Myranda Hughes-Piche
Excellent Service and Support

Quick delivery. I realized after it arrived it would not fit our swim spa. They quickly sent me a new pole and a return label for the incorrect pole.

Outstanding Customer Support...

Tom and Brent at Swim Tether were amazing. I had a couple of questions and needed help with cord lengths for my rowing poles not on the website. They were very responsive both by phone and email and worked to get the products I needed. I very much appreciate their help, professionalism, and responsiveness. Thank you both again.

Works well

It’s takes a few times to get it right but it works great. You have to realize that you can’t pull your way out of the resistance. Great product with easy installation.

Swim | Swim Tether ST3
Karl Declercq

Great for exercise on all levels

Row | Carbon Adjustable Row Kit

May have saved my life...

I had Covid about a month after it was discovered. I was 78 years old. I survived at home because the hospitals were full. I developed pneumonia and it took about a month to recover, then I had difficulty breathing. I started using the SwimTether in the pool. The first day l lasted about 6 minutes. Within a month I was swimming 30 to 40 minutes every other day. I credit the SwimTether for helping save my life. Thank you SwimTether.