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Great Tool for exercise


1-Piece Pole Only
Ciara Macleod
Love this for my younger swimmers

This is a fabulous piece of kit for my learners and find it really useful. It’s great for us!! Love this and the belts are so comfortable!

This thing is everything they say

Super easy to swim continuously. Everything top quality. Great Customer service. Thank you!!!!

Swim Tether Mini
David V Gutierrez
Pleased In SA

My wife and I are both using the Swim Tether Mini and are very pleased with the base attachment they supplied that is specific to the Arctic Spa Swim Pool. Thanks also for a nicely attentive customer service representative.

Swim Tether Travel Pack
Barbara Dawson
Good value!

Works great

Longer custom cord perfect

In our pool the 6ft cord just wasnt long enough, so purchased the 11 ft cord which allows me to swim 2/3 of the way down the pool.

Custom Length Cord
Earl Peterson
Special length cord.

My exercise spa came with a tether for rowing that was to short. I ordered a 36 inch tether which was too long. Swim Tether placed it with a 30 inch tether which was just right at no additional charge. Thanks.

Meets the need

Got me back in the water...

I love the swim tether. Now I can swim in my own pool instead of trying to swim laps in the neighborhood pool. The swim tether works great, allows for great swimming technique and a condensed workout because of the stationary swimming.

Swim Tether

Very pleased with our purchase. It's a little pricey, but for the money we have a quality product. Should last a long time and my family uses it every day for a good work out

Nice job

We had a situation where our tether poll broke after one week. I emailed a pic of the broken poll and I had a new one in less than a week. Thank you for your rapid response.

Great product

The swim tether works great…. We fitted the plate to our sun deck and the resistance band has us swimming right in the middle of our pool. Easy to install and handy to put up and stow away…

Swim Belt
Rus G
Swim tether

Wonderful, i can now swim in place for so much longer than before I was using this. I use it every day. Excellent.

New way to practice my swimming in my 15' above ground pool.

I just bought a new pool this year and immediately thought about buying a swim tether. I didn't regret it. It's such a great workout and I'm so glad I bought this product. I can now practice swimming in the comfort of my own backyard.

Excellent product!

Swim Tether is the perfect way to build endurance and get a great, whole body workout in my backyard pool. I thought about rejoining a gym just for the pool and now I don’t need to!

exactly what i needed

this is the second time ive needed assistance from this company & they were aces both times. informative & accommodating, affordable & top quality. great products. great company! thank you!!

threaded plate

exactly as advertised and sturdy as can be.

fun and intuitive

I bought the system as my pool was finishing and had the hardscape crew sink in the anchor so it was all ready to go once the pool filled. For a roughly 20x40', 10,000 gallon pool the six foot tether turned out to be the perfect choice, and I've used it once or twice every day since. It's the kind of workout that leaves your body humming and your mind clear, and you can sprint or cruise or switch strokes seamlessly. I'm very glad I purchased it. I told my pool company they ought to be marketing these; people build pools but only use them when the kids want to splash around, but if everyone were offered the option of a fun and refreshing fitness routine they'd hop in more often, I think.

Replacement shock cords

I had one of the shock cords for my rowing attachment suddenly break. Tried to find locally but was unable to so I called the company and they sent out a complete set in just a few days. Very satisfied with their customer service.

perfect for our pool

We built a 20'x40' play pool of which the Swim Tether system was a key feature. It's a more satisfying workout than I'd hoped and it's purely intuitive to use. The 6' cord is the perfect length for us to swim in the long dimension of the pool. Looking forward to daily use, thanks for the quality product!

Installation Plate
Byron Davis
Great addition to my training!!

Swim tether is so awesome! It doesn’t impede my swim technique and has enough resistance to give you a great workout. I would highly recommend this product!!

Swim Tether Original
Carol Cunningham
Birthday gift

I have had the original for years and love using it! Inbought this one for my son-in-law’s birthday. I’m sure everyone in the family will be in the pool more now! It has certainly kept me in shape!

Swim Tether

This is a great setup! I have used it twice so far and love how it allows you to swim just like you were in a lap pool, BUT, in the comfort of your pool. I would recommend this to anyone Great product!

1-Piece Pole Only
Jan-Lenor Jackson
Perfect size for my swim spa

the one-piece pole fits exactly into my swim spa and gives me just enough height to do resistance swimming.

Swim Belt
Caroline Sussman
Functional and Practical Workout Tool!

I have two of these so a friend and I can exercise together in my indoor pool. We use them for all strokes, running, and even when lifting weights in the water. Comfortable and well designed. Just wish it came in a neutral color instead of red.