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I can't get the rowing arm bracket to fit into the original snap in attachments. And I was wondering if the distance from that metal hook up was supposed to be a little closer than the original brackets?

Great service and product

Appreciated how well they communicated when I made a mistake on my order. Good people.

Great product and staff

Love the product and the customer service is great.

Travel Swim Belt Pack
michael porter
Swim belt

Is a nice swim belt but needs to have an adjustable tether for length

Swim Tether 3 Poles
Lou Phillip
Thank You!

Great service and great product.

Stretch Cord 3 Pack
Lou Phillip
Thank You!

Great customer service especially Brent Anhorn.

Great Product - Great Company

I swam with a different tether for years. This one is better. It’s more comfortable and more stable. Visiting kids broke the bungee clips and the Swim Tether team replaced them ASAP. Great product - great Company.

Swim Belt
Marie Kigin
Tether belt and straps

Great customer service
Product was mailed out right away
I will continue to get these items from this company

Graham McLachlan
Swim Tether Wellis

Using the swim tether for a few weeks now and it really does allow you to swim for longer without stopping… great priduct

Katy Martin
Great Customer Service!

We realized that we’d ordered the wrong Swim Tether set about 3 months earlier when our pool was initially being built. The customer service folks graciously agreed to swap out our set for the correct one for our new pool. So thankful and looking forward to trying it in the new year!

Swim Belt
chad cox

Great product swim in place stationary focus on technique

Amabilité et réactivité

J'ai contacté Swim Tetther pour des problèmes de cordons élastiques dont les languettes de crochets en plastique commençaient à lâcher. Ceux-ci ont été remplacé avec rapidité et dans une ambiance très cordiale. Merci aux personnels de Swim Tether pour votre professionnalisme et votre convivialité. Je recommande. Claire Lang

Shannon Gallagher
Excellent product - Love it

Built a small pool for the kids..

This has added years of use to the pool.


Thank you for replacing a strap, I love my swim spa and workout routine

Travel Swim Belt Pack
Matthew Royer
Back in the water!

The pool at the house is too small to turn laps, so i seeking a way to swim in one location. Then I stumbled across Swim Tether & I’m glad I did. I swim everyday now & Swim Tether checks all the boxes. A++++!

Pamela Neipris
Fast service

My pool is being built. Can’t wait to try this tether in 3 months.

Swim Tether 1 Pole
Dallas Blacklaw
Fantastic Product

The Swim Tether works really well and is super comfortable to wear across all swimming strokes

The tethers work great

Swim Tether

Easy ordering process. Excellent, personalized customer service. Haven't used the product yet, as the pool is still being built, but I look forward to.

Swimming for life
Excellent customer service

Reponded quickly to my inquiries. Product arrived as described.

Great product with even better customer service!

You guys rock! I’ve been using my Swim Tether religiously now for almost 2 years now. While we had some issues with the middle pole breaking in the first versions, the lastest version is vastly improved providing just enough flexibility between the bungee cord and the pole. Customer service is first rate in that they quickly replaced the original pole that I broke twice with the latest version. The original bungee cord is still intact but I bought a replacement as a backup for the jus in case. The swim tether allows me to do solid work outs in my own pool. As a former collegiate swimmer I highly recommend this product as a solid purchase for the beginner through the advanced swimmer.

Rowing Handle Straps

Delivered on time and fit as described.

Simply the BEST!

I started using during the Pandemic in my backyard pool and it was a total game changer. Not only is it easy to install but the actual swims in my experience are more challenging and conditioning than my usual lap swimming routine. The quality is superb and the overall experience is just the best. I love this product so much.

Not Sure?

I have an HDX trainer 12. And I feel like the tethers I bought are too long? Do you have a recommendation for the trainer 12? Seems to 15 challenger is the most important and most talked about Spa on the market. If I need to buy shorter ones, I would like to cause I want a better work out with my row bars. If you can help me, please let me know. Thank you very much. I have 30 inch tethers. That I just purchased? I seem too long.

So happy!

First, let me say that I had problems with my previously installed anchor. I called Brent and he was wonderful. I sent pictures and he sent one that would fit without me drilling out right away for me. Fantastic customer service!

As a pretty decent age-group swimmer (a long time ago…lol), I was swimming into the wall with my swim spa jets. I wanted to swim, but not at the icky gym pool. The Swim Tether was a perfect solution.

The Swim Tether and poles are of very nice quality. Once the new anchor was in, it took just a few minutes to set it up for my workout. Plan on time to play with finding the right length tubing and where the belt fits best. You will be happy that you did because it is so worth it!

I just swam with the tether for the second time and really found my rhythm. It was incredible! I am really looking forward to using it tomorrow. I would highly recommend buying the Swim Tether.