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ST3 Tether System
Bill Bearman (Regina Beach, SK)
System Works Great!

This year we installed an 8' x 20' "container" pool - for those who don't know this is a SeaCan shipping container converted into a pool. Our pool has a max depth of 4' with a 10' length and a couple of shallower shelves at one end for the grandkids and sitting/lounging. We also have a 44" high railing that surrounds the container. I submitted a drawing of our setup to Swim Tether and Thomas was very helpful instructing where to mount our 6" x 6" post for the anchoring system. At his direction I installed the post 18" from the railing (at the edge of the pool) and at the height of the pool deck on our 4' deep section. The system works great and the pole while it does bend does not contact our railing which I wanted to avoid. We ordered the ST3 system as weren't sure which of the bungee lengths we would need. While the 4' cord works I found the 6' cord was perfect for front crawl, back crawl and back stroke. The 8' cord is too long for front crawl (I started contacting our shallower section) but does work for breast and back stroke. I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly I adapted to the system and the strokes feel very natural. As you're not moving through the water there is more resistance as you swim however this is just a matter of scaling your workout accordingly. I'm really excited about this system as it will now allow us to get in meaningful swim workouts in our small pool. I'd highly recommend this system for anyone interested in swim fitness in a smaller pool!

Swim Belt
Chris Cawthorne (Slough, ENG)
1st swim tether

Great product, well made and simple to use.

ST3 Tether System
Scott Fishman (Sacramento, CA)

Love the swim tether- well designed, crafted, easy install, works perfect

Swim Belt Travel Pack
Matthew Morgan (Columbus, GA)
Great custom length

They were able to make me a custom length and they are local to Georgia which is always great!

ST3 Tether System
Anja Gilmour (La Quinta, CA)

Love this!

ST3 Tether System
David Bateman (Bristol, TN)
Great product

We just bought a swim spa and realized a tether is a must have. This was easy to assemble and use. Highly recommended !

Leg Workout Cuffs
rcaseys (Omaha, NE)
Great Company to do business with!

Called to order some parts that I needed and spent a bit of time talking with them to make sure I was ordering the correct pieces.
The pieces I needed to order were not in stock because of the age of what I needed, and He understood that and assured me he would have the correct items shipped. I ordered and they came quickly and they were exactly what I needed. Everything was perfect! Good prices, quick shipping, and very knowledgeable people!

ST3 Tether System
Nicky Bureau (Charlotte, NC)
We love This

We just bought a house with a small pool (33x14) and want to swim more. This has been a great investment in getting some exercise. Works best with Freestyle strike.

ST2 Tether System
Erich Obst (Temecula, CA)
Back yard pool swim

Works much better than I anticipated.
Truly impressed with results and quality.

ST1 FlexPole
Dave Chazin (Miami, FL)
Great product!

Customer service experience was awesome. Needed additional equipment so I made a phone call and within a couple of days had what I needed. Highly recommend!

Plugs for Swim Tether Base
Roger Metzler (Austin, TX)
Great recreational and competitive trainer

I use it for longer distance exercise in backyard pool. Competitive swimmer in the household uses it for extra endurance training and technique video analysis in private coaching sessions in backyard pool.

ST3 Tether System
Susanna Tull (Indio, CA)
Great product!!

Installation in the umbrella hole in our Baja/tanning shelf meant zero install. It takes less than a minute, put the pole and cord in, belt on - and you swim! Terrific product.

Jog Belt
Theo Palmer (Round Rock, TX)
Joggers tether

I do not jog in the swim spa but as an amputee , I do need the belt to tether on both sides of the spa.
This belt is perfect,,,, that is why I bought two .... always want a spare

Stainless Row and Exercise Bars
Clay Whitener (Farmington, MO)

I can't get the rowing arm bracket to fit into the original snap in attachments. And I was wondering if the distance from that metal hook up was supposed to be a little closer than the original brackets?

Row Exercise Replacement Cords
Sean Moore (Seattle, WA)
Great service and product

Appreciated how well they communicated when I made a mistake on my order. Good people.

Swim Belt Travel Pack
michael porter (Newfield, NY)
Swim belt

Is a nice swim belt but needs to have an adjustable tether for length

ST3 FlexPoles
Lou Phillip (Universal City, CA)
Thank You!

Great service and great product.

Stretch Cord 3Pack
Lou Phillip (Burbank, CA)
Thank You!

Great customer service especially Brent Anhorn.

Swim Belt
Marie Kigin (Saint Cloud, MN)
Tether belt and straps

Great customer service
Product was mailed out right away
I will continue to get these items from this company

ST1 Tether System
Graham McLachlan (Manchester, ENG)
Swim Tether Wellis

Using the swim tether for a few weeks now and it really does allow you to swim for longer without stopping… great priduct

ST3 Tether System
Katy Martin (Newnan, GA)
Great Customer Service!

We realized that we’d ordered the wrong Swim Tether set about 3 months earlier when our pool was initially being built. The customer service folks graciously agreed to swap out our set for the correct one for our new pool. So thankful and looking forward to trying it in the new year!

Swim Belt
chad cox (Detroit, MI)

Great product swim in place stationary focus on technique

Row Exercise Replacement Cords
Mme Claire Lang (Draguignan, PAC)
Amabilité et réactivité

J'ai contacté Swim Tetther pour des problèmes de cordons élastiques dont les languettes de crochets en plastique commençaient à lâcher. Ceux-ci ont été remplacé avec rapidité et dans une ambiance très cordiale. Merci aux personnels de Swim Tether pour votre professionnalisme et votre convivialité. Je recommande. Claire Lang

ST3 Tether System
Shannon Gallagher (Auckland, AUK)
Excellent product - Love it

Built a small pool for the kids..

This has added years of use to the pool.


Row Exercise Replacement Cords
Vicki Junk-Wright (Fort Wayne, IN)

Thank you for replacing a strap, I love my swim spa and workout routine